intro and grub question

Tim M timothybythesea at
Wed Feb 14 15:47:19 UTC 2007

Hi, I am trying to install Kubuntu on my backup computer. My main computer 
uses dual boots Ubuntu and XP (for my scanner). The backup computer uses 
Ubuntu and I had wanted to dual boot between Ubuntu an Kubuntu but I am 
having a problem with the boot loader or maybe the BIOS. When the boot 
loader starts I don't have access to the keyboard! So it boots into where 
system is default. For some reason I cannot get into the BIOS on that HP 850 
mhz motherboard. No matter what key I hit it simply will not go into setup. 
So, can anyone tell me how to edit grub so I can switch default OS's? I 
tried once before and ended up with a REAL MESS.
Thanks, Tim

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