Backup Solution

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Feb 14 12:45:37 UTC 2007

Matthew Flaschen wrote:

> Felipe Figueiredo wrote:
>> in dar's page there are some scripts that create dar-based backups and
>> cdrecord/cdrdao aware. I remember cdbackup and dvdbackup being available
>> in uni/multiverse repositories. These simple backup utilities should be
>> very configurable to suit most people's needs, while not getting too
>> informative.
> Thanks.  Dar (especially the incremental features) and cdbackup both
> look interesting.  I also found a program called Cedar Backup
> ( while looking for
> Dar; it is specifically designed for regular backup to CD or DVD.

KDar - I haven't tried it with DVDs yet, but it rocks with CDs.

Neither keep nor mondo worked for me - neither one is intended for backup to
optical media.

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