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Okay, the actual answer to the question is that kontact does use kmail for its 
mail interface.  I haven't seen these mysterious problems with kmail and 
other systems.  I use kontact with 4 different mail providers flawlessly.  It 
works fine, and it is a pretty darn good program.  If you have any specific 
questions on how to set it up, please respond with your questions and I'll be 
more than happy to answer as best I can.

Kontact/kmail are well integrated with the konqueror web browser, korganizer 
(calendar, todo list), as well as contact management, notes, and akregator 
the RSS feed manager.  It also supports news groups and journal entries.  It 
also has Exchange (Open and otherwise) plugins that work quite well (I've 
used it with both types).

I would recommend sticking with kontact/kmail.  It isn't going to be 
everybody's favorite, but it is the standard KDE/Kubuntu mail client, it's 
functional, and it's pretty easy for new users to get into.  And it is my 

On Monday 12 February 2007 17:55:12 anthony baldwin wrote:
> Frank Arnold wrote:
> >If you have Evolution Mail, or can install it, I would recommend you use
> >it. I have had problems with Kmail on some systems. After opening
> >evolution, go to Edit then Preferences and enter your mail settings. If
> >you are not sure what those settings are you should ask
> >your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
> >Frank Arnold
> Personally, I recommend the Mozilla Suite (or Seamonkey) which has a
> browser and integrated e-mail program,
> plus other goodies.
> Of course, thereĀ“s also Firefox and Thunderbird, which, to my knowledge,
> are installed by default.
> Ah, Choices!  The beauty  of Freedom!
> tony
> >On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 17:15 -0600, candcruth wrote:
> >>is there help out there for someone who knows nothing
> >>about kubuntu. i have used windows. i have loaded kubuntu 606lts on
> >>another computer. my son-in-law loaded
> >>it for me. i have managed to get on internst, but cannot
> >>get e-mail to work. i seem to have k-mail and kontact
> >>are they the same.
> >>thanks fredupwithmircosoft
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