Amarok and Podcast problems

Art Alexion art.alexion at
Tue Feb 13 01:35:06 GMT 2007

I've noticed that, when stressed for memory, Amarok forgets that mp3 support 
is installed.  That may explain the inconsistency.  However, when I have had 
this problem, amarok has explicitly (though incorrectly) advised me that mp3 
support is not installed.  The solution is to free up some memory.

What you describe as "looping" is what amarok does if it does not have support 
for the file type you have in your playiist.  This could be related to amarok 
thinking it has no mp3 support.

Be aware, though that 1.4.3 & to a lesser extent, 1.4.4 have a podcast bug 
where they miscalculate/undercalculate the duration of the podcast and stop 
playing where it calculates the end, not where the actual end is.  There are 
two solutions:  Get the newest version where this is supposed to be fixed (I 
haven't confirmed the fix).  The other work-around is to right click the 
file, chose edit info, chance something on the id3 (you can change it back). 
and hit ok.  This forces a recalculation, and amarok gets it right this time.

On Sunday 04 February 2007 17:11, Patrick Vossen wrote:
> Hey Guys and Gals,
> I have used Kubuntu and Ubuntu in some form for
> two years now. Love it, and have it on a couple
> computers. However, I have a reoccurring problem
> that caused me to install the newest version of
> Kubuntu Edgy, but things still don't seem to
> be resolved. Plus, I can't get a clean install
> of Automattix2 or EasyUbuntu on the machine.
> Biggest problem. Every time I try to copy and paste
> xml podcast to Amarok or any podcast player. The
> broadcasts just keep looping. Never playing and just
> going one to the other without playing a sound. MP3's
> at least were working, but that seems to be inconsistent
> to.
> Now this is an older computer. With 384 of ram and 40 gig
> hardrive, with and AMD k7 chip and 486 processor. Yet,
> things always were ok in the past. Now with Ubuntu it seemed
> to work better. However, that was the operating system I had
> on until last week, and it did the same thing. That is why I went
> to the newest version of Kubuntu Edgy. As after three reinstalls
> with Ubuntu it wouldn't stop doing the same thing. Yet,
> Automattix2 and EasyUbuntu worked on those.
> Any assistance would be appreciated.
> Patrick
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