anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at
Mon Feb 12 23:55:12 GMT 2007

Frank Arnold wrote:

>If you have Evolution Mail, or can install it, I would recommend you use
>it. I have had problems with Kmail on some systems. After opening
>evolution, go to Edit then Preferences and enter your mail settings. If
>you are not sure what those settings are you should ask
>your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
>Frank Arnold

Personally, I recommend the Mozilla Suite (or Seamonkey) which has a 
browser and integrated e-mail program,
plus other goodies.
Of course, there´s also Firefox and Thunderbird, which, to my knowledge, 
are installed by default.
Ah, Choices!  The beauty  of Freedom!


>On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 17:15 -0600, candcruth wrote:
>>is there help out there for someone who knows nothing
>>about kubuntu. i have used windows. i have loaded kubuntu 606lts on
>>another computer. my son-in-law loaded
>>it for me. i have managed to get on internst, but cannot
>>get e-mail to work. i seem to have k-mail and kontact
>>are they the same.
>>thanks fredupwithmircosoft

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