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J. Stewart Schneider stew.schneider at
Mon Feb 12 02:25:30 UTC 2007

Well, we evidently think along the same lines. I've been poking about in
.kde for something. Haven't seen anything yet, though. I don't locate a .x
file that seems to have anything to do with it.There's no krandrtray in my
account (although there is such a command, but no man page)

Since resetting video resolution requires admin authority, I would think
that resolution wouldn't be settable per account, but that's not necessarily
so, I know. Clearly, there is something wonky with that single account, but


On 2/11/07, D. Michael McIntyre <michael.mcintyre at>
> On Sunday 11 February 2007 9:02 pm, J. Stewart Schneider wrote:
> > can't log into my account? Otherwise, where is the video resolution
> stored,
> > per account?
> I don't know, but the only thing I can think of that lets you change
> resolution from userland is RANDR, and there's a K- frontend for that,
> probably krandr.  So I'd look for that config
>         find ~/.kde -name krand\*
> and then try to fiddle with it, or remove it, if I saw anything there.  If
> there's nothing up that tree, there might be some ~/.x* dotfile with
> something in it, though I can't think what that might be off hand.
> I'm pulling all of this completely out of thin air though.  Completely.  I
> have NO clue what's going wrong for you.  I'm just pondering how I would
> start trying to figure it out if I were sitting in front of your keyboard.
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> D. Michael McIntyre
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