dir/file previous versions

Michael W. Holdeman lists at ptfd.org
Sun Feb 11 20:35:28 UTC 2007

OK I am not a "complete newbie
" to linux, been using it since caldera, then gentoo for a couple of years and 
now kubuntu, and freebsd on my servers, although I am thinking about 
switching my servers to kubuntu/ubuntu as well.
Anyway, At one of my part-time jobs we have a couple of win2003 servers and 
the administrator can right click on a folder and then restore previous 
versions of the folders or files. As far as I know this is on teh individual 
servers and not being mirrored off. 
Is there a simple way to do this in linux? svn? a way to even do this on a 
Anyone else doing this? I realize it does not take the place of a complete 
backup but it would be handy sometimes, like whan I accidently corrupt my 
foxbase files on my samba share with vmware etc...


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