endline characters

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Sun Feb 11 01:26:59 UTC 2007

Maynard Wright wrote:

> This situation seemed to prevail through RedHat 8 (LF) and W98SE (CR-LF). 
> In attempting to resolve some issues involved with porting code from Linux
> to
> Windows XP, I see that the situation seems to have been reversed. 
> Although Kate under RH8 defaulted to LF endlines, Kate under Dapper
> defaults to CR-LF. 

Definitely not.  I routinely copy Kate-edited files to Windows systems -
then have to do it again using text mode in FTP, because I didn't get CRs
before the LFs.

> Conversely, a file edited by Notepad under Windows XP 
> and emailed to me (I don't have any OS other than Linux anymore) used only
> LF endlines.
> Although I haven't found a definitive commentary on this aspect of
> Windows, a Google search seems to indicate that up through W98SE,
> Microsoft OS used CR-LF, but that OS since that version, including XP, use
> LF as an endline character.

Yesterday, I'd have said WTF????  but I did notice that .vmx files generated
by vmware-converter on XP today, read straight off the NTFS filesystem,
looked perfectly fine in Kate.  A barely-educated guess suggests it's
likely to do with identical representations of newline in UTF-8 or UTF-16
rather than an official change of policy under either OS.

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