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Scott Mazur kubuntulists at littlefish.ca
Sun Feb 11 08:02:52 UTC 2007

On Sun, 11 Feb 2007 11:24:18 +1100, Daniel Pittman wrote
> >>> Wacom devices in xorg.conf?
> >> 
> >> I guess "hardcore" users don't own Wacom tablets, but they do own USB
> >> mice, right?
> >
> > Pretty much.  That would also match most of the "softcore" users. The
> > wacom devices in xorg.conf isn't nearly as annoying for softcore
> > users, though, because they never run KDE apps from the command line.
> *nod* Personally, I just edited the X.org configuration to remove the
> input device configuration when that bothered me. ;)
> > If the errors were just suppressed you wouldn't see this complaint.
> This, however, I couldn't disagree with more strongly.  Suppressing
> errors is *never* the right response, no matter what.
> Either fix them or leave them there for all to see.  Hiding errors
> doesn't solve anything, but does lead inevitably to Windows ^W an
> inflexible and unstable system that is almost impossible to improve
> without breaking /something/ critical.

100% with you on that!


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