Testing live cd's - Rsync

Karl karl.vanwynsberghe at telenet.be
Sun Feb 11 07:56:03 UTC 2007


I justwanted to share this with you all...

If you want to test the live cd's you don't need to download the complete 
700MB of data from the iso file each time.

You can just use rsync to download the "difference".
The following is an example; 
:~$ rsync -v --progress 
rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/kubuntu/daily-live/current/feisty-desktop-i386.iso /home/user/isoKubuntu/feisty-desktop-i386.iso

This means: 
rsync -v --progress	
	==> the command
	==> what you want to sync
	==> where you want to put it (= compaire with)


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