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Lokeey lokeey at
Sun Feb 11 03:14:14 UTC 2007

yeah...mine was doing the's going south or black because he can't
decide which of the 12 xorg.conf files to use. i figured this out only after
going into recovery mode and checking out my xorg.conf file...then i saw the
8 or 9 that were sitting in there. i already knew which was the original
because i had created a backup before i even began to mess with drivers 'n
such. i guess you can say i was preparing myself for the worse.

so go into recovery and it should boot up since it won't startx. once you
are logged in, check /etc/X11 and see if you can nail down the culprit.
again this is how did it, but only because i had created a backup.

i'll see if i can find something on that i810 for you and help you nail this

On 2/10/07, Stew Schneider <stew.schneider at> wrote:
> Lokeey wrote:
> > hey stewart, i had a similar issue, not as bad, though...mine was
> > acting a lil on the goofy side as well. i had about 8 or 9 different
> > xorg.conf files.
> Hehehe...I got 12!
> > so with that said, what have you done to this point? what kind of
> > video card are you using and have you updated your drivers and messed
> > with the kernel at all prior to all this?
> I leave the kernel alone. That's too scarey! The machine is an older
> Gateway with onboard graphics. Kubuntu detects the card as i810, and the
> driver as i810. The monitor is a nice 17" labeled SYS, and Knoppix
> detects it as that. Kubuntu just says "Plug 'n Play".
> In terms of fixing things, the last few times it has fouled up, it has
> "fixed itself" as I reported. Eventually, things work out. That's goofy
> and bothers me a good deal. It just makes no sense that the boot
> sequence should display properly, but when X starts, or at least, when I
> log in, things go south and the screen goes black. Eventually, as I
> indicated, even that resolves, and I'm back up and going.
> Any hints?
> stew
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