Linspire and KDE

Derek Broughton news at
Sat Feb 10 21:36:50 UTC 2007

Bry Paula Melvin wrote:

> Interesting...this difference of opinion could result from platform
> differences. We have had the problems that led me to say this only on
> ppc. after installing Kubuntu-Desktop on Dapper with these we lost all
> sudo/root functions and had to fix it all :-(

Possible - though I have my doubts that "sudo" functions are different
between Gnome and KDE desktops.  I'm even sceptical that there'd be a
noticeable difference between gksu and kdesu. 
> Notably also there are differences in functionality still between Gnome
> and KDE example: on the machine I'm on now in KDE it currently tells me
> I have 76% charge and 187 hours left on battery. Gnome gives more
> realistic numbers.

Well, Jonathan's the expert, if he says it's fixed in edgy, I'll trust him,
but I never use the default Kubuntu power applet.  Kpowersave has always
worked - it's not default but it's still there as part of kubuntu.
> Realistically I don't imagine there are a lot of ppc Kubuntu users
> relative to pc users. So there are many less people to find the problems
> and get them fixed.

Yes, but Gnome on ppc has the same problem :-(
> Overall though despite these I still generally prefer KDE, although
> GNome has me pulling my hair out less than when I first used both back
> with SuSe 7.3

To be fair, it's probably better on SuSe these days, too :-)

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