a kmail question

Karl karl.vanwynsberghe at telenet.be
Sat Feb 10 16:54:37 UTC 2007

Thx John!

I've used the separate folder for my "news" mails together with the HTML 
option for a long time.
But i didn't knew the "load external refs" till now.
==> Finally!!!


On Thursday 08 February 2007 20:40:04 John L Fjellstad wrote:
> Donn <donn.ingle at gmail.com> writes:
> > It's seems unusual to have an option that operates on a chosen folder
> > up in the "folder" menu; it feels like it should be in the right-click
> > context menu on the actual folder.
> >
> > Now one last thing : The emails in my chosen folder are displaying
> > HTML but there is a message:
> > "... If you trust the sender of this message then you can load the
> > external references for this message by clicking here."
> > Is there any way to have the external refs load automagically too?
> Right under where you set the HTML option, there is an option to load
> external refs (in the folder menu).
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Have a look at www.kubuntu.org

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