Today's New Kernel (Saturday 10th)

Vayu vayu at
Sat Feb 10 06:15:10 UTC 2007

anthony baldwin wrote:
>>> I tend to put off system upgrades until the majority of bugs are worked 
>>> out (used FC3 for two years,
>>> then went straight to FC5), which is why I am still using Dapper, but 
>>> regular updates I tend
>>> to keep up with, for security or whatever such reasons.
>>> But, I have learned, never do any updates while working on a large, 
>>> lucrative project.
>>> The project I am currently working on (and losing much sleep for) will 
>>> pay my rent for
>>> 10 10 days work....No updates until this one´s done, for sure.
>>> tony
>> What kind of project is that?
> I´m translating 122,342 words of questionnaires.
> It´s in a spreadsheet (came as .xls, but, of course, I converted to .ods).
> I use OmegaT, OOo, and other FOSS tools, only, in my business.
> This is all accountants answering questionnaires about their 
> qualifications and professional goals,
> and, generally kissing butt, all hoping to be promoted or sent abroad to 
> study and work...boring stuff...
> for a multi-national electrical energy distribution company with a 
> branch in Brazil, apparently.
> Translating them from Brazilian Portuguese to English.
> tony
Pretty impressive that you're going to do that in 10 days.

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