Today's New Kernel (Saturday 10th)

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at
Sat Feb 10 04:41:28 UTC 2007

Vayu wrote:

>anthony baldwin wrote:
>>All these update issues are starting to scare me...
>>I switched to Kubuntu in September, from Fedora, which I´d used for 
>>years (well, started with RH7.1)
>>because yum kept breaking stuff.
>>I am I going to have the same problem now?
>>I´m afraid to even click on the little update icon since issues started 
>>earlier this week.
>>My work depends on this machine, and I am working on a very lucrative 
>Why click on it? I disabled it.  When everything's working well, why 
>play with it?  Unless it seems like a significant new feature set or an 
>important security update I don't upgrade.
I tend to put off system upgrades until the majority of bugs are worked 
out (used FC3 for two years,
then went straight to FC5), which is why I am still using Dapper, but 
regular updates I tend
to keep up with, for security or whatever such reasons.
But, I have learned, never do any updates while working on a large, 
lucrative project.
The project I am currently working on (and losing much sleep for) will 
pay my rent for
10 10 days work....No updates until this one´s done, for sure.



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