Keyboard Function Buttons--Specifically HP dv8000

Larry Hartman larryhartman50 at
Fri Feb 9 22:06:34 UTC 2007

Ok I bookmarked the webpages and will follow up this weekend.  It seems the 
calculator key is reporting a code.  The two quickplay buttons are not 
reporting either via xev or lshal, maybe acpid, will check this weekend and 
do the proper posting.


On Friday 09 February 2007, Luka Renko wrote:
> On Friday 9. of February 2007 12:39:34 Larry Hartman wrote:
> > Based on what I have read in previous posts I know that some of you have
> > HP/compaq laptops that come with the DVD, Quickplay, and Calculator or
> > similar function buttons that are not part of the keyboard.  Has anyone
> > had any success in setting these up to work, if so, what program and
> > steps have you taken to do so?  I have Keytouch and Lineak packages
> > installed.
> In Edgy we have added some keys to be pre-configured. In Feisty we want to
> complete this list. If you can add information about your laptop to the [1]
> page, I will try to ensure that Ubuntu 7.04 will be released with the
> support for your keys.
> Regards,
> Luka
> [1]

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