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Chris Miller lordsauronthegreat at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 20:14:59 UTC 2007

I really wasn't following this thread, but now that i read it...

On 2/8/07, Lokeey <lokeey at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey all, I just read about Ubuntu and Linspire teaming up. Based on anyone
> expertise or experience, would someone be able to comment on this and say if
> this is a good/bad thing???

Good thing?  Nes (yes and no)

There's going to be some moving pains as the Linspire people get
settled in.  Think of moving from house to house.  Now imagine having
about 20281 boxes to keep track of (the current # of packages there
are, according to Adept).

> ================
>  Canonical Ltd., the sponsor of Ubuntu, and Linspire Inc. the developer of
> Linspire and Freespire, on February 8 announced a technology partnership to
> integrate with each other's Linux distributions.
>  Linspire/Freespire will be based on Ubuntu, rather than Debian, and Ubuntu
> will integrate with Linspire's CNR package installer/updater.Starting with
> Ubuntu's 7.04 release in April, Ubuntu users will gain access to Linspire's
> newly opened CNR (Click and Run) e-commerce and software delivery system.
> For Linspire, that will mean moving from Debian to Ubuntu as the base for
> its Linspire and Freespire desktop operating systems.

That's going to be an absolute nightmare of coding to get those
distros off of whatever they were doing and onto Debian.  Making new
software is fun - changing old software is a pain in the rectum.
Linspire must have a heck of a reason to move!

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