Linspire and KDE

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Feb 9 18:51:33 UTC 2007

Bry Paula Melvin wrote:

> I have seen Kubuntu as less polished than Ubuntu, I  think this just might
> lead to more balance between Ubuntu and Kubuntu.

LOL.  There's nothing less polished about Kubuntu - the non-desktop stuff is
identical, and the KDE desktop is imo more polished than gnome.
>> > Can we expect to see any aspects of linspire to feed into kubuntu
>> > specifically? (Also what aspects of linspire are there, I've only ever
>> > really used ubuntu)
> What I see is that the packages that lead people to Automatix and such
> which break upgrades often become a thing of the past as CNR will likely
> be able to supply the CODECS and proprietary items (although you, might
> have to pay for them). This also may solve any question of legality of the
> use of those Codecs. 


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