Keyboard Function Buttons--Specifically HP dv8000

Luka Renko lure at
Fri Feb 9 12:56:04 UTC 2007

On Friday 9. of February 2007 12:39:34 Larry Hartman wrote:
> Based on what I have read in previous posts I know that some of you have
> HP/compaq laptops that come with the DVD, Quickplay, and Calculator or
> similar function buttons that are not part of the keyboard.  Has anyone had
> any success in setting these up to work, if so, what program and steps have
> you taken to do so?  I have Keytouch and Lineak packages installed.

In Edgy we have added some keys to be pre-configured. In Feisty we want to 
complete this list. If you can add information about your laptop to the [1] 
page, I will try to ensure that Ubuntu 7.04 will be released with the support 
for your keys.



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