Linspire and KDE

Bry Paula Melvin brymelvin at
Fri Feb 9 17:49:21 GMT 2007

On Friday 09 February 2007 09:40, ac wrote:
> James Heaver wrote:
> > Hey,
> >   I've read the news about the linspire/ubuntu collaboration and,
> > personally am all for it.  CNR, at the very least, looks like a
> > fantastic way to discover programs and functionality even if you then go
> > and install the packages using aptitude.  And obviously more distros
> > based on ubuntu means more developer time feeding into ubuntu.

I agree; as a business user of Kubuntu I have added Crossover Nerolinux and a 
few other things. CNR has a direct means of adding them AND as Linspire is 
noted for being the ONLY ditstro that pays royalties and includes legal 
access to certain codecs, I believe they will be in time available through 
CNR also for Ubuntu. This is significant for the user transitioning to 

> > What I'm wondering though, is whether this will have any greater effect
> > on kubuntu since linspire is KDE based.  Will this collaboration open up
> > any greater functionality that can be ported from linspire to kubuntu?

I have seen Kubuntu as less polished than Ubuntu, I  think this just might 
lead to more balance between Ubuntu and Kubuntu.

> > Can we expect to see any aspects of linspire to feed into kubuntu
> > specifically? (Also what aspects of linspire are there, I've only ever
> > really used ubuntu)

What I see is that the packages that lead people to Automatix and such which 
break upgrades often become a thing of the past as CNR will likely be able to 
supply the CODECS and proprietary items (although you, might have to pay for 
them). This also may solve any question of legality of the use of those 
Codecs. I Distinctly remember the now defunct TUX magazine stating that in 
the US at least Linspire was the only LEGAL way to obtain and use some of 
these codecs.  For a small business user to be able to obtain proprietary 
software and codecs through a means built into the operating system, is a 
definite plus. Wat I forsee is the whole "restricted formats" wiki area being 
revised to send users to CNR to purchase/install Legal codecs. Purchase may 
be totally uneccesary even. The codecs seem to be avalailable for Freesspire, 
but not being privy to Linspires royalty agreements I can't but guess.

I also see that a lot of the Linux/computer hobbiests AKA true users, hardcore 
users etc etc. Complaining  and lamenting about such changes. On the other 
hand I see GUI tools and howtos USING GUI tools instead  command line, being 
written as the Linspire/Ubuntu developers lean toward catering to people and 
small business trying to do work with their computers and not working/playing 
with their computers. I think you may see more direct interaction between 
Freespire and Kubuntu than the pay for Linspire distro.
> I have only ever really used kubuntu, and the kde environment is
> fairly full and comfortable anyway.
> I doubt if the linspire connection will show any change to this
> environment, just to some available facilities, and many unseen
> implications - like many more novices jumping in to linux happily, and
> maybe walmart etc selling linspire PCs.
> --
> ac

Looking for a low cost pc a couple of weeks ago I went to to get 
one of the Linspire machines...Although they had Xandros machines I didn't 
find the Linspire loaded machines any more. Don't know if that is temporary 
or not. 


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