LCD Monitor recommendations

Daniel Anderson kd4jdl1 at
Thu Feb 8 03:11:40 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 07 February 2007 21:42:07 J. Stewart Schneider wrote:
> golfer wrote:
> On 2/7/07, anthony baldwin <anthonybaldwin at> wrote:
> Is there anything I should know before purchasing a LCD monitor, such as,
> which drivers are already available, or, are there any brands for which
> a driver is troublesome, etc.?
> no problems with monitors .. drivers are for the graphic cards .. xorg
> can successfully probe any "recent" monitor and properly set the sync
> .. so, if your graphics card works successfully on one monitor, it'll
> work on any other
>  I wish I could agree, but I have had ENDLESS trouble with flat panel
> monitors. Since a flat panel has a native resolution, getting them right
> has cause some pretty sour nights. Often, I wind up with "Signal out of
> range"
> Right now, I've got one with a native resolution of 1400X1050. It looks
> awful at 1280x1024, but the onboard video won't support 1400x1050. Anybody
> have a suggestion for a board that plays nice with Kubuntu and supports
> this resolution?
> stew

I just installed a Acer AL1706 today. Just hooked it up, auto config popped up 
on the screen for a moment and started using it. It does 1280x1024, I'm 
running it at 1024x768. Looks great so far. 


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