a kmail question

Claudia Ringwald claudia_ringwald at web.de
Wed Feb 7 22:17:42 UTC 2007

Hi Donn, 

Am Mittwoch, 7. Februar 2007 schrieb Donn:
> Hello all in listville,
> I usually read (and always send) my email as plain text. 

me too - I think it is a good habit ;) 

> There is the odd 
> time that I get an email which I would prefer to see in full html. Is there
> some way to tell kmail that email from X should be displayed as html while
> all else is plain text?

I am subscriber of two mailingslists who send their letters as html. These 
emails I store in special folders (they are put there by a filter-rule I have 
made for them in kmail) and for these folders I did select in the menu item 
folder (in German it is "Ordner" so I assume it is called "folder" in 
English) - to prefer html-view. 

And now any mail in one of these folders is displayed as html - all mails in 
other folders are still displayed as text. 

Best regards, 


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