tool used to download packages?

Andy Harrison aharrison at
Wed Feb 7 20:35:17 UTC 2007

On 2/7/07, Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:
> Do you actually use source packages?  Get rid of all the deb-src entries if
> you don't.  Do you use "plf", "medibuntu", etc, etc?  Ditto...

I haven't yet learned how to use the deb source packages, but there
are some that I prefer to roll my own packages, like vim, or screen (I
like the vertical split patch), for instance.

> > deb edgy-security main restricted
> > universe multiverse
> ...
> > deb edgy-security universe
> those are redundant.

Thanks.  I haven't read thoroughly on the sources at all.  I wasn't
sure if "edgy-security universe" was automatically included in
"edgy-security main restricted universe multiverse"

> > deb edgy multiverse
> ??

I believe I added this one while looking for a repository containing a
gaim2 package that wasn't over a year out of date.

> > deb edgy main
> That, in itself, voids your warranty :-)

People sure seem to hate that app, I keep bumping into posts from
people saying negative things about it.  I just used it to for nvidia
drivers, media codecs, and some fonts.  It seemed to work fine.

> > deb edgy-security main restricted
> > universe multiverse
> More redundancy - edgy-security is the same set of files, no matter where
> your mirror is.  That makes 3 different entries at 2 URLs for
> edgy-security/universe.

Gotcha.  I dropped the ones anyway, so I'll just
leave this one.

> > deb stable non-free
> That looks hazardous - you're apparently downloading a package for Debian
> and expecting it to work on Ubuntu.  It could...

I believe I installed Google Earth as well as Picasa from there.  Both
work fine, but, unfortunately, I notice the Picasa version that Google
provides for Linux doesn't include the web album features.

> > deb edgy main
> > deb edgy main
> > deb edgy main
> > deb edgy main
> Those look redundant too.

But isn't redundancy good, though?  I usually configure at least a
handful of CPAN repositories, for example.

> "They" haven't experimented with the apt methods in years, unless they're
> making mods that have never been mentioned in the changelogs.  You have a
> dogs breakfast for your sources, and you blame the application.

Well, I have a reproduceable problem associated with a specific error
message (400 URI Failure).  While I clearly have a messy source list
file, it's not unreasonable to expect the application to handle such a
specific error condition.

Andy Harrison

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