tool used to download packages?

Joe Hart j.hart at
Wed Feb 7 18:30:41 UTC 2007

Sounds to me like you've found a bug in Adept.  I personally rarely use 
it because I am not comfortable with the interface.  Most of my 
installs/browsing is done with synaptic from KDE or aptitude from the 
terminal.  The latter happens more than the former.  I used to use 
apt-get until I discovered that aptitude traces dependencies while 
apt-get does not.

Andy Harrison wrote:
> I did manage to find out how to do a little tweaking of the download
> process.  I edited the /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01ubuntu file and added the
> lines:
>   Acquire::http::Pipeline-Depth "0";
>   Acquire::http::Timeout "10";
>   Acquire::ftp::Timeout "10";
>   Acquire::Retries "1";
> This works great when running apt-get from the commandline.
> I noticed I could always reproduce timeouts when downloading from
>  Just for testing, I was trying to install karbon
> and it was automatically trying to download karbon from that
> repository.  While apt-get would get a timeout and then keep right on
> rolling to the next repository, adept does not.  Adept segfaults
> immediately when it reaches the timeout period.  Running strace on
> adept showed it receive a 400 URI Failure right before it crashed.
> When running adept in foreground mode so that I could get coredump
> (adept_manager --nofork --sync --nocrashhandler) I could see the
> following error when I run strings on the core dump:
> 400 URI Failure
> URI:
> Message: Connection timed out
> Transient-Failure: true
> Adept would crash after appearing to be stuck on a package for me even
> before I altered these settings, I just wasn't sure why.  Now I know
> it was just sitting there until it finally hit the timeout period
> which is much longer by default.  So a big part of these problems are
> simply bugs in adept.
> I tried various settings to see if it would help, but the bottom line
> is that adept will always crash when it a timeout occurs.

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