tool used to download packages?

Joe Hart j.hart at
Wed Feb 7 17:15:46 UTC 2007

I have to agree with you Nathan.  I've never heard of quite a few of 
those repos, but I think I will check them out.  As I read just recently 
in this mailing list "you've piqued my curiosity".

Nathan Eckenrode wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 February 2007 10:46:51 am Andy Harrison wrote:
> Just a quick question from a top poster. 
> With all the extra repos added have you pinned your preferences? The 
> installation tool may be getting hung up because it is trying to install the 
> same package with equal versioning from two different repos.


>> Lots of room for breakage there, definitely.  But after reading that
>> lump of comment from the source code, I'm wondering if I'll have a
>> choice.  Sounds like they're experimenting with features to make it
>> slightly faster, but at the cost of stability.  I'd rather go back to
>> a method that works reliably.

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