tool used to download packages?

Clay Weber claydoh at
Tue Feb 6 21:40:20 UTC 2007

Andy Harrison wrote:
> What tool is used by apt-get and/or dpkg to download packages or
> perform updates from deb repositories?  Can it be changed to something
> else?
Apt and dpkg *are* the programs that perform these functions.
There are GUI interfaces to them, such as Adept which is the default in 
Kubuntu (thew 'Add/Remove packages in the menu is part of Adept, as well 
ass the update notifier on your taskbar). Synaptic is another GUI, used 
in Ubuntu, but works just as well in Kubuntu. Both these are simply 
Graphical interfaces to apt-get and dpkg.

Aptitude is another option, a more command-line oriented and I do 
believe it is based on Apt as well.

So basically, no matter what you use for package management you are 
still using apt and dpkg  in the end :)

clay weber

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