KDE Help Center "Build Search Index" Fails

Robert Morrison orbert at orbert.net
Tue Feb 6 18:42:13 UTC 2007

On Monday 05 February 2007 19:16, Juan Carlos Torres wrote:
> On Monday 05 February 2007, Robert Morrison wrote:
> > Global symbol "$kdekdehtmldir" requires explicit package name
> > at /usr/bin/khc_docbookdig.pl line 94.
> > Execution of /usr/bin/khc_docbookdig.pl aborted due to compilation errors.
> From what I remember, this is a Debian bug, and it seems to have been fixed 
> in  
> the KDE 3.5.6 packages from Kubuntu. Basically, it's a typographical error. 
> In line 94,  "$kdekdehtmldir" should be "$kdehtmldir" only. Try editing 
> the /usr/bin/khc_docbookdig.pl file and try again.

Thanks for the pointer. I thought that variable name looked odd;
shame on me for not Googling it before. Doing so returned a lot
of relevant results. The upshot is to make the fix you suggest and
also install htdig. The result of that for me is a working index
for the Unix man pages, but not for the Application manuals.
The index-build report had a number of errors that looked this:

9: Syntax error: Bad substitution
1:107:1:help://kompmgr/index.docbook:  size = 14475

which may account for the non-working App manual indexes. I'm going
to spend a little more time reading the bug reports to see if there's
a fix for this.

For anyone else in the same situation, the following is a reasonable
way to search the App manuals:


Thanks again.

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