Windows size change to be to big for screen.

Donn donn.ingle at
Tue Feb 6 16:12:27 UTC 2007

> the screens (program windows) are to big. Firefox still works but
> system watch is about 3 cm to big for the screen along with some
> others.
Hi, my best suggestions:
1. cd ~/.kde/share/config
config:$ ls kwin*
kwincrystalrc  kwin.eventsrc  kwinmodernsysrc  kwinplastikrc  kwinrc  
kwin_rules_dialogrc  kwinrulesrc  kwin_update
Mess with those files. Get a feel for how they work, or just dump then all 
into another folder and restart KDE. It *should* reset itself to defaults.
2. Right click the title-bar of the windows you suffer from and choose 
advanced->special X settings, where X is windows or applications (I can never 
figure out the diffs). After that muck about with the settings in there.

> Also the little cool auto updater is no longer working for some
> reason. Maybe a different reason. I think I turned it off but don't
> know how to turn it back on.
No ideas here. 


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