Installing MS Office 2000 using Wine

Joe Hart j.hart at
Mon Feb 5 17:18:27 UTC 2007

Gordon wrote:
> I've installed Wine on 6.10, but when attempting to install MS Office
> 2000, it goes to about 50%, hangs, with the CDROM going round and round,
> and then exits with an error. (No error message, just says "error"! can
> anyone point me to some simple instructions as to what I might be doing
> wrong?

You MIGHT be able to configure MS Office to run under wine, but it's not 
easy, or likely to work reliably.  If you MUST have MS Office because 
OpenOffice or KOffice will not perform satisfactory to your demands, 
then I recommend you by CrossoverOffice, which is a commercial version 
of wine that is specifically designed to run MS Office.

I believe that it costs about $50.

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