Help w/ wireless on Dell Latitude D520

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Mon Feb 5 02:55:54 UTC 2007

So much for my "it's been a long time since I spent 14 hours configuring 
bloody anything" from yesterday.

I'm trying to throw Linux on Mom's new laptop, so she can use familiar tools 
until she gets used to Windows.  (How's that for a Linux story?  She grew up 
on punch card IBM mainframe things in the '70s, and that scared her off 
computers until the 21st century, where she entered the modern era with 
Kubuntu Hoary or Breezy as her first post-glass-teletype computing 
experience.  She finally felt a need to experience Windows, just because 
she's the only one among her cyber pals who doesn't use it, and she feels 
like she's missing the train.  I know.  I know.  But her wanting me to put 
Linux on the laptop so she can actually use it is rather encouraging.  :)  )

Anyhoo, I installed Dapper first, because that's what I had burned.  No 
wireless network.  Then I s/dapper/edgy/ in sources.list and aptitude 
dist-upgrade to Edgy.

(Using aptitude instead of apt-get seems to have made quite a difference.  I 
think after five years of Debian, I finally found something to make me give 
up apt-get.)

On edgy, no wireless network either.

I'm not finding much to go on at Google.  There are a few links about Intel 
3945, but this machine doesn't list 3945 anywhere in lspci.  It looks like 
the wireless is some unrecognized Broadcom.

Anyway, I've spent a few hours, and I'm stumped.  I find it a little sad that 
this comparatively nice laptop didn't work out of the box, but my el-crappo 
super cheapie special from Wal-Mart did.  (Wireless did.  Sound on the super 
cheapie is a lost cause, and the video is only supported as vesa.)

D. Michael McIntyre 

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