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J. Stewart Schneider stew.schneider at
Sat Feb 3 13:16:51 UTC 2007

The "UID" is an identification number only, rather than a permission. The
fact that the new user has a higher number than you have only indicates that
he was added after you, not that he has a "higher" permission to access

Permissions are another matter altogether. You might try Googling for file
permissions and read up on it. It's really very powerful, and will take more
than a note to do it justice.

Good luck!


Harold Hartley wrote:

I am trying to add a user, but what is the UID suppose to be for a user to
use the same machine as my self, but I don't want them to have admin access.

When I try to add a user, it sets the UID at 1001 when I myself is UID 1000.

I hope someone can tell me where I can find something to tell me what the
UID levels for what I want a user to access.

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