Notebook touchpad Kubuntu freeze

Howard Coles Jr. dhcolesj at
Fri Feb 2 23:40:32 UTC 2007

On Friday 02 February 2007 3:09:31 pm FX Fraipont wrote:
> Howard Coles Jr. wrote:
> > On Friday 02 February 2007 11:16:08 am FX Fraipont wrote:
> >> I am trying to install kubuntu on a Clevo notebook - actually I have
> >> managed to install and arrive in the KDE login screen. I type my
> >> password, and then move the cursor once, and the system freezes and
> >> required a hard reboot.
> >
> > What kind of processor does it have?  I have done some research on HP's
> > DV9000z laptops with AMD x2's and found a setting that helped quite a few
> > folks.  I'll go hunting it again and post it if that's what you're
> > running. (nomm something I should have written it down)
> Unfortunately it's an intel core duo .
> fx

Well, try this anyway, core duo is supposed to be 64 bit (i guess):
as a kernel parameter. 
Another to add to that would be:

So, try "iomm=off" and if that doesn't work try "iomm=off noirqdebug" together 
and see what happens.

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