Some apps display 1/4 size

Donn donn.ingle at
Fri Feb 2 16:57:59 UTC 2007

> In the case of gv it is only the actual plot that is scaled down (Note
> though that the plot is listed as being 1.000 or 100% size.  
> All the buttons, widgets, etc are normal size. 
I don't know gv, but how do you know those plots are too small? The screenshot 
looks okay. Perhaps you only have to zoom in a little.

> With the other program, it is 
> as if the entire window, sans the title bar, are scaled down.  I put a
> screen capture at
I think Michael is onto something with his suggestion about fonts. I would try 
searching the web for "gv fonts" or something like it.

Fonts are very complicated on Gnu/Linux. I really know zip-all. There is 
something in the System Settings -> Appearance -> Gtk Styles and fonts that 
lets you use kde fonts in  GTK apps. Perhaps that's not set right?

> By a "good 'rm'" do you mean a "dpkg -P" or something similar?  Are
> you thinking xorg or something else?
I meant a good remove of the config files, forcing the app to re-create them. 
It does not seem to be the problem though.

If I come up with anything actually useful, I'll shout. Otherwise I'm doing 
what I should have done -- just shut up :)


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