kdewallet and kmail

Jeremy Anderson jeremy at jdli.net
Fri Feb 2 15:02:23 UTC 2007

On Friday 02 February 2007 09:39:54 Art Alexion wrote:
> On Thursday 01 February 2007 14:32, Jeremy Anderson wrote:
> > On Thursday 01 February 2007 14:26:35 Art Alexion wrote:
> > > On Thursday 01 February 2007 13:08, Jeremy Anderson wrote:
> > > > O.k. I have about 5 workstations at home running kubuntu 6.10 and 4
> > > > of them work the way they should.  It is not a huge issue but it is
> > > > very strange. When I launch kmail kdewallet doesn't come up so it
> > > > asks me the username and password of each of my accounts.  However
> > > > when I am closing kmail kdewallet asks for its password.  This
> > > > happens each time I start up kmail not just when I reboot or logout. 
> > > > I look to make sure kdewallet is still running before I start kmail
> > > > and it is.  Any suggestions?
> > >
> > > Do you want to use the wallet for passwords?
> >
> > I'm sorry, isn't that what is for?
> I like it.  Others seem to really hate it.  I didn't know if you wanted to
> use it or if you wanted to bypass it or turn it off.
> > I really don't care about the security
> > of my data because these are mostly for testing and other things.  If you
> > would like to tell me your phylosophy on the use of kdewallet I would
> > love to hear it because I don't see it talked about much on here.
> As I said, I like it.  Less for security than for a repository for
> remembering passwords.  I think there is something inherently insecure
> about storing a variety of passwords under a single password.  To the
> extent that a variety of passwords means that if one password is breached,
> the others remain secure, if your master password is breached, all of your
> other passwords are exposed.
> That's theoretical when applied to me, and I suspect most other ordinary
> individuals.  Security is not that big a deal, and I can't remember dozens
> of different ones in my head.  PGP encryption can effectively hide what is
> really private, and kwallet doesn't store that password.
> So I like the kwallet as a password storage and management system more than
> as a security system.
> > Anyway, out
> > of the 5 this is the only one that doesn't work and I am not sure why.
> Is kmail set to use kwallet?  Perhaps try changing that setting restarting
> kmail, and then setting it to what you want.
> Does konqueror use kwallet properly?  That is, is it a kwallet issue or a
> kmail issue?

hmmm....  I am being brain dead right now.  I am not sure if konqueror and 
kdewallet are working together or not.  I will have to check that out.  I am 
at work now and the machine is at home.  One of my kids must have turned it 
off so I can't reach it from here today.  I will let all of you know what 
happens when I return. 



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