kdewallet and kmail

Jeremy Anderson jeremy at jdli.net
Thu Feb 1 19:32:51 UTC 2007

On Thursday 01 February 2007 14:26:35 Art Alexion wrote:
> On Thursday 01 February 2007 13:08, Jeremy Anderson wrote:
> > O.k. I have about 5 workstations at home running kubuntu 6.10 and 4 of
> > them work the way they should.  It is not a huge issue but it is very
> > strange. When I launch kmail kdewallet doesn't come up so it asks me the
> > username and password of each of my accounts.  However when I am closing
> > kmail kdewallet asks for its password.  This happens each time I start up
> > kmail not just when I reboot or logout.  I look to make sure kdewallet is
> > still running before I start kmail and it is.  Any suggestions?
> Do you want to use the wallet for passwords?

I'm sorry, isn't that what is for?  I really don't care about the security of 
my data because these are mostly for testing and other things.  If you would 
like to tell me your phylosophy on the use of kdewallet I would love to hear 
it because I don't see it talked about much on here.  Anyway, out of the 5 
this is the only one that doesn't work and I am not sure why.


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