Speaking of wine... :-(

Bry Paula Melvin brymelvin at melvinart.com
Thu Feb 1 07:38:34 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 18:36 -0600, C Hamel wrote:
> I have been using an awesome file/photo manager for many years... CompuPic 
> Pro.  I have run it through wine on many distros --including Breezy & Dapper.  
> Now, in Feisty (and also in Edgy) I get a hugely black screen with various 
> light spots.  Wen 'Refresh Desktop' is used, I temporarily get a good-looking 
> screen, once more.
> I am wondering if anyone is getting this phenomenon on any other application.  
> CompuPic Pro uses DirectX and selecting that in 'winecfg' has no effect.
> -- 
>         ...Yogich
Not that problem...but a lot of programs that USED to run for me in wine
no longer do. The inverse of that is true also.

For that very reason I moved to crossover prior to the release of
version 6. I found that using the 5 plus the last 6beta (which can
coexist easily with 5) covers almost everything I need. 

without digging into details of a program I don't have set up: It may be
that the Mozilla substitue for direct X is installed in your version of
wine. can't remember the exact name...I'm on a ppc at the moment.

wine also is seldom current in an ubuntu repo it changes rather rapidly
lately. You might try the latest version for ubuntu in the wine repos.

 earlier versions of wine defaulted usually to win98  later versions
default usually to win2k. changing the version in winecfg is often all
that is needed.

I would suggest trying your program in the trial version of Crossover.
if it fails there consider using the older version 5 of crossover.

Alternatively or if ALL of this fails. back up to the older version of
wine. There is I think 20060725 version of wine in the repos for
breezy.It still works in dapper. I only use the LTS. It MAY work in
later versions too.

I KNOW this works in dapper as I had a machine set up with it plus
winetools for an app. I no longer do as that app runs in Crossover even

There was a LOT added to wine recently that was largely a result of the
development of googles picassa2 development.

it is troublesome to have several versions of wine operating at the same
time. however wine and crossover can coexist as long as you do not use
winetools. Winetools adds stuff to /home/username/bin that can conflict
with what crossover puts there. Winetools also only marginally works
with recent wine version and is probably best left alone with them.

That said Picassa2 which runs on it's own version of wine is also an
excellent photo manager. Wine crossover and Picassa2 can coexist on the
same machine

If you can't find the 20060725 version of wine. and wish to try it I
possibly could place it where you can get it I believe I still have it
archived somewhere but as I had that installed back in breezy it is
probably still in the repos.

FWIW this is ALSO the last ubuntu version that WILL work with winetools
adequately to be of use. ( for ie6 etc)

Hope one of these bullet statement/ideas helps.

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