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Jonas Norlander jonorland at
Wed Dec 19 11:47:47 GMT 2007

2007/12/18, Benjamin Heil <benjamin.heil at>:
> Hi,
> I'm using KFTPGrabber for a while now, but it crashes very often. And it
> consumes about 20-30% CPU when it's open (even if it does nothing). So I
> searched for an alternative (for KDE).
> I've tested Kasablanca and it works fine, but its very rudimentary (e.g.
> I've
> found no way to set permissions on files).


Just as you i'm looking for a good ftp-klient.

I have that problem with KFTPGrabber to, with high CPU and if you connect
FTPS it's running at 100% CPU and alot of crashes.

Kasablanka segfault all the time.

As already mention here you can use Konquere as a ftp-client the major
is you can't use any encrypted ftp with it.

GFtp is good as long you don't wan't encryption.

Krusader is a good filebrowser that also can do ftp, fish, sftp.

In windows a use Filzilla and it can handle all ftp protocol i need to have,
there is
a Linux version you can try. I have never tried that though.

// Jonas
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