opening .wmv (Windows Media Video) files

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at
Wed Aug 29 16:29:24 UTC 2007

A_Sceptic A_Sceptic spake thusly:
> If this has already been asked/answered, please forgive me for the 
> redundancy.
> I'm running Kubuntu Edgy on an Intel P4.
> I received an email with a link to a .wmv file.

A link as in URL? Or was it an attachment?
> I can't open/run it.

Windows Media Video (.wmv) files are a proprietary (restricted) format.
You can view them with the Kaffeine media player but you'll need to have
the extra codecs installed.

	$ sudo apt-get install libxine-main1 libxine-extracodecs


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