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On Sunday 26 August 2007, Neil Winchurst wrote:
>On Sat, 25 Aug 2007 09:04:24 -0700 (PDT)
>Earl Violet <ejviolet at> wrote:
>> --- Neil Winchurst <neil at> wrote:
>> > Anybody on the list go geocaching?
>> YES!!!
>> > If so, any comments or tips re
>> > linking the GPS receiver to a computer via Linux?
>> Short answer: NO!  :(

Short answer:  Yes, see below :)

>> Long answer:  This was discussed in some detail on my local list,
>> TFUG, and the conclusion was "not too likely."  It seems the only
>> Windows app that there isn't a Linux counter-part for.  I was even
>> forgiven for using Windows on this occasion.
>> Debian might have some GPS (garmon) related stuff but it's been a
>> long time since I looked.
>> Earl
>Thanks for the info. I did wonder. Never mind, my wife's laptop runs XP
>so we can use that if necessary. I had hoped to use Linux, but if it is
>not yet available, too bad.
>Neil Winchurst

I have been playing with, and will use for my next long trip, my now elderly 
Garmin 12, which has a sort of a 1 wire output lashup where it spits out 
where its at & how fast its moving many times a minute.  This can be captured 
and integrated into the rather simplistic maps the 'RoadNav" program for 
linux uses.

I bought a lighter plugin power adaptor for my lappy, and would buy a similar 
adaptor for my GPS, but such is not now available for such an elderly GPS, 
which sucks up a set of batteries in 6 to 8 hours.

Cheers, Gene
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