GPS unit for my bike

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Sun Aug 26 19:42:05 BST 2007

On Sunday 26 August 2007, Ronnie Tucker wrote:
> Was reading the Geocaching thread and since there's some GPS fans here,
> i'm looking for a bit of advice: i'm thinking of buying a handheld GPS
> for my bike (of the pedal kind) and would like one that displays street
> maps and can hook up nicely to my Kubuntu Feisty (for map uploads and
> what-not).
> Also: do the handheld units do the same idea as the in-car versions
> where you say 'I want to go here' and it finds you the best route and
> will alter the route if you make a detour?
> Maybe you geocachers could suggest a decent model? Something around the
> £100 mark would be nice (b&w screen is fine if it keeps the cost down).
> Thanks folks!   :)

Be a little careful because a lot of the "I want to go here" units don't have 
the detailed maps for a biker I would think.   Major highways yes, but I 
would assume you want good detail and the ability to tailor your route.

Even some of the built-in units in cars don't do well at this.

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