GPS unit for my bike

Ronnie Tucker ronnie at
Sun Aug 26 18:50:52 BST 2007

Was reading the Geocaching thread and since there's some GPS fans here, 
i'm looking for a bit of advice: i'm thinking of buying a handheld GPS 
for my bike (of the pedal kind) and would like one that displays street 
maps and can hook up nicely to my Kubuntu Feisty (for map uploads and 

Also: do the handheld units do the same idea as the in-car versions 
where you say 'I want to go here' and it finds you the best route and 
will alter the route if you make a detour?

Maybe you geocachers could suggest a decent model? Something around the 
£100 mark would be nice (b&w screen is fine if it keeps the cost down).

Thanks folks!   :)
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