Neil Winchurst neil at
Sun Aug 26 13:42:36 UTC 2007

On Sun, 26 Aug 2007 07:47:54 -0500
Billie Walsh <bilwalsh at> wrote:

> On 08/26/2007 Neil Winchurst wrote:
> > Thanks for the info. I did wonder. Never mind, my wife's laptop runs 
> > XP
> > so we can use that if necessary. I had hoped to use Linux, but if it 
> > is
> > not yet available, too bad.
> > 
> > Neil Winchurst
> Stupid question, but have you looked in Adept? type in "gps" in the 
> search box and see what comes up.
> You've probably already tried that but I thought I would toss it out.
> -- 
> (o:]>*HUGGLES*<[:o)
> Billie Walsh
Yes, I have tried that. There are some likely looking files but they
are all old and need a serial port. My computer has USB ports. So no go
there then.


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