Linux to laptop

Terence Simpson stdin at
Sun Aug 26 12:54:23 UTC 2007

Neil Winchurst wrote:
> My brother uses Windows. He has a Compaq laptop which he rarely uses so
> he suggested we try to install kubuntu on it. He doesn't need to use
> the laptop for anything else so he was quite happy to wipe the disc and
> have only Linux on it.
> Well, yesterday we tried. I have a DVD for Feisty and we used that. I
> have never seen anything so slow. We never got to the end of answering
> the questions. After nearly two hours (and I am *not* exaggerating) we
> still hadn't got past step four, so we gave up.
> Can anyone help please? The Compaq is about three years old, but it
> runs XP quite adequately. Does Linux not work on that make? Or am I
> missing something?
> Thanks
> Neil Winchurst
Running from the LiveCD/DVD is always slow and depending on the speed of 
the CPU, CD/DVD drive and the amount of RAM it can be painful. I'd 
suggest you install from the alternate CD (or the "Text Mode Install" 
from the DVD), it may not be as pretty as the live session but it will 
be much faster and it's not as difficult as it sounds, you just follow 
the prompts.

You get the same install as from the Live Installer so you don't have to 
worry about doing anything extra to set it up and it works on more lower 
powered systems.


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