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Sun Aug 26 10:20:17 UTC 2007

Neil Winchurst wrote:
> My brother uses Windows. He has a Compaq laptop which he rarely uses so
> he suggested we try to install kubuntu on it. He doesn't need to use
> the laptop for anything else so he was quite happy to wipe the disc and
> have only Linux on it.
> Well, yesterday we tried. I have a DVD for Feisty and we used that. I
> have never seen anything so slow. We never got to the end of answering
> the questions. After nearly two hours (and I am *not* exaggerating) we
> still hadn't got past step four, so we gave up.
> Can anyone help please? The Compaq is about three years old, but it
> runs XP quite adequately. Does Linux not work on that make? Or am I
> missing something?

It will run kubuntu ok too, but you will probably have to use the 
alternate install (the non GUI, the text installer).
You are probably using the usual Live CD, which is a live system, and 
uses RAM to run 'live' in. When you try to -then_ also run a GUI 
installer on top of that, yes it will take a loong time.

Windows does not allow the use of Live CDs so this sort of thing is 
not obvious until you begin to make use of the facilities that linux 
can offer.

Also - if it is true that the laptop has a fairly small amount of RAM 
(for modern systems that is), then it is worth keeping in mind that 
even when it is installed, linux will make very good use of a bit more 
RAM, which is probably cheaper now than when the laptop was new.

Kubuntu is convenient, and I use it a lot, even on slow machines, 
however, it is a modern, full, environment which works best with a bit 
more RAM . If when you have installed it, you would like to try a more 
lean desktop, then ubuntu-desktop may be slightly faster, and 
xubuntu-desktop will be much faster, (fewer facilities though).

good luck

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