Question regarding processor speeds in Kubuntu 7.0.4

Giard, Michael A michael.a.giard at
Fri Aug 24 18:09:10 BST 2007

SO we are using the above Kubuntu distribution and are noticing a few
anomalies that we have been unable to pinpoint the root cause to. Our


Pentium M 2.26ghz

2GB PC2-4300

Aopen i915gMm-HFS Motherboard


Utilizing the onboard Sound/Video


Now here is the issues that we are seeing. Regardless of what chip we
use (1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 2.26 are all the speeds we have used) the max
performance we can get the OS to show is 1.95 (130x15 in CPU settings)
regardless of the native CPU speed. If we run the exact same hardware in
a Windows XP environment we get it showing up as the appropriate speed
that the processor is clocked to. Has anyone else experienced this issue
and/or been able to resolve it?


Thank you,

~Michael Giard

CEG SW Engineer

Intel Corporation


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