ATI 8.40.4 driver released

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Fri Aug 24 09:19:28 UTC 2007

Larry Hartman wrote:
> Big change to this driver in terms of installation.  Here are the basic steps 
> for Feisty:
> 1.  Download driver
> 2.  Change permissions to executable file
> 3.  Uninstall with package manager previous versions of fglrx-related packages
> 3.  Run downloaded file as Sudo
> 4.  GUI launches, click install button
> 5.  At license acceptance, click "I agree"--wonder if this means ATI is not 
> going to release drivers as open source?
> 6.  When complete, restart X-server
> 7.  Check in terminal with fglrxinfo
> ATI has gone a long way on this version to rip the steps out of the lengthy 
> manual install process.....what they gave us is pretty easy.
> The old manual methods of building packages for ubuntu/feisty still works if 
> you wish to choose that route.
> is down, so I am unable to update Feisty instructions.
> Oh, and BTW, I am getting 1200fps (glxgears) on my ATI Xpress 200M--never been 
> over 1000fps with any driver.
Strange how these things differ. I installed and my glxgears went down 
from around 1200 to 950.. on a Dell Inspiron w ati 1300 mobility

Back with the old drivers...


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