Kubuntu Dapper pppd vs Win VPN

manchicken manchicken at notsosoft.net
Mon Aug 20 13:58:00 UTC 2007

On Monday 20 August 2007 07:23:32 Donn Ingle wrote:
> > Have you tried using kvpnc?  It makes configuring stuff so much easier,
> > and it also makes setting up routes easier.
> Had not heard about it, and it's not installed. I am in the catch-22
> of not being online and needing to get an app in order to get online.
> I was having no trouble with my usual pppd stuff until the ISP started
> making changes to his topology.
> My main question is "How can XP connect and not Linux?" There is
> something else going on here that is some kind of auto-detection thing
> XP is doing.
> /d

I'm guessing that your ISP gave you some sort of connection client with 
windows, or they've got some auto config on their side.  I don't know for 
sure.  XP's networking is a bit of a black-box it seems, so I never really 
looked into it.

What I do when I have to set up a VPN like this, is I make sure I can ping my 
gateway--most important--and then make sure I set up all appropriate routes.

As far as the catch-22, it's pretty simple to go to the repositories and 
download the .deb packages from there, and then stick them on a thumb drive 
for sneaker-net transfer.

Also, have you tried using one of those DSL routers from Linksys or Netgear?  
Those things have VPN clients in them that do this for you and make home 
networking so much simpler.  I use a wireless router with my cable, and while 
I don't have to use a VPN for the base connection, it makes home networking 
so much more sane.  Everything gets subnetted, everything gets a hardware 
firewall that I can manage, and it just really seems to make things easier.  
Just a thought.

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