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On Monday 20 August 2007 09:08:23 Donn Ingle wrote:
> > What I do when I have to set up a VPN like this, is I make sure I can
> > ping my gateway--most important--and then make sure I set up all
> > appropriate routes.
> I can actually ping all the relevant numbers. I can even get a web
> page (the local apache) from the pptp server!
> > As far as the catch-22, it's pretty simple to go to the repositories and
> > download the .deb packages from there, and then stick them on a thumb
> > drive for sneaker-net transfer.
> I am on Winders now fetching the source from the project's home page.
> How would I go aboout fetching debs (and all deps) from the repos? I
> always find matching the versions and deps and cpus to be a real
> chore.
> > Also, have you tried using one of those DSL routers from Linksys or
> > Netgear?
> That is my very next stop actually. I am getting so damn fed-up with
> this situation.
> Well, thanks for the suggestions. I will hack-on with that kvpnc and
> see where it gets me.
> /d

To fetch debs from repos you want to go to archive.ubuntu.com and find it 
there.  I'll save you some trouble and give you a link to the directory where 
you can find the files.


Make sure you grab the appropriate binary for your architecture.

As far as routers go, it's kinda stupid that ISPs don't provide you with 
equipment to get on the network.  I know AT&T/Yahoo DSL seems to require many 
of its users to run their software on their windows machines in order to 
access their connection.  I suppose that's just a side effect of how they do 
things though.

Good luck :)

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