Kubuntu Dapper pppd vs Win VPN

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Mon Aug 20 11:56:53 UTC 2007

On Monday 20 August 2007 02:19:05 Donn Ingle wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have been away for a while, have moved house and my net connection
> is really bad -- in fact that's what I'm hoping to get some help with
> here.
> I am being forced to use my Win laptop to connect to my new ISP by VPN.
> On another list (glug-chat) I was given good info about
> mtu and mpu that I set to 1400 and my woes went away ... for a while.
> Windows (vpn) is doing something clever that Linux (at least Kubuntu
> Dapper Drake) is somehow not doing (automatically) when it comes to
> connecting to a server.
> My WISP has been altering his network and since then things have
> stopped working again. What he has done is move one antenna a little
> such that from where I am, there is now a hop between me and his
> server that answers the pppd call.
> Windows works perfectly (I am on the laptop right now).
> Linux just cannot connect to the server. The call to "pppd call qnect
> nodetach" reports no useful messages or errors and just says "modem
> disconnected" immediately.
> Now, I have established (with help from glug) that this is likely not
> the routing,
> and I have those mtu setting in place in /etc/ppp/options, so I cannot
> work out why Linux can't connect to that server. You can ping the
> server and get a web-page (from its apache) from it, but cannot call
> it from pppd.
> Any ideas? What is Windows doing during a "vpn connection" that Linux is
> not?
> I was advised to try 'ip route add via' where
> the last number is the address of the 'hop' between me and the server
> (the first number). So far, I have not managed to connect.
> Is there some way to get Kubuntu to 'detect' or 'sniff' the network so
> that it figures out how to get to the VPN server the way Windows seems
> to magically do it?
> Thanks, hope someone can help.
> /d

What type of VPN are you using?  PPTP?  IPSec?

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