numlock ON before logging in

kubadmin kubadmin at
Sun Aug 19 11:32:02 UTC 2007

Hi Jack,

It has always worked for me. Strange...
The parameter should be NumLock=On
Why? The reason is simple. In my case the Bios setup has numlock On on boot 
but when the system switches to X (before KDE login) it switches numlock to 
Off. That is what the utility numlockx is supposed to solve but as I 
mentioned before I don't manage to make it work in kubuntu.
So, if you choose Keep and X has turned it to Off it will stay Off. That's why 
it must be ON.
Are you sure you saved the file after you edited it? Is the value spelled 
correctly - On -, not ON or on?
Perhaps you need to reboot afterwards in order for kdm to read it and accept 
the new parameter.
KDM has to read kdmrc when it starts, it's the config file so it should behave 
as you asked.
Just a final thought, open the K menu (down left icon), open system 
configuration, click the keyboard/mouse icon and verify that numlock is on 
(this should only affect the session, not the login, but who knows...).

Best regards,

PS - Just in case... I don't know how much you know of linux so don't take 
this as an offense, but if there is a # sign at the beginning of the line 
like this:
# Numlock=XXX
You must erase the # sign, otherwise the line will be considered a comment and 
will be ignored.

>Hi Antonio,
>     Thanks for your insight. I tried what you suggested but it didn't work 
>for me. Shouldn't "Keep" be set to Keep is On prior to "Keep" - do not 
>change, rather than setting NumLock to On and then leaving NumLock=Keep?

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