ATI 8.40.4 driver released (Larry Hartman)

Dexter Filmore Dexter.Filmore at
Wed Aug 15 12:00:49 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 14 August 2007 22:22:42 kubadmin wrote:
> Larry,
> I installed the new driver and everything seems ok, speed is much better
> (I'm getting 2095 fps with an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro) but, and this is a BIG
> "but", GoogleEarth no longer works.
> It worked fine with the 8.3x.x versions of the driver. I've even
> uninstalled the 8.40.4 driver according to ATI's instructions and
> re-installed it the wiky way but the problem remains.
> Do you have any hints of what I might try?
> GoogleEarth is probably the only app I really need a functional ATI driver
> for. It didn't work with open drivers or the fglrx driver distributed with
> kubuntu until you came out with your wiki and now I'm back to stake zero.
> Best regards,
> Antonio

Works here with free r300 xserver, had to tinker with driconf tho.
Can't remember which setting did the trick, but here's my ~/.drirc :

    <device screen="0" driver="r300">
        <application name="Default">
            <option name="force_s3tc_enable" value="false" />
            <option name="texture_coord_units" value="6" />
            <option name="fthrottle_mode" value="2" />
            <option name="no_rast" value="false" />
            <option name="tcl_mode" value="3" />
            <option name="texture_depth" value="0" />
            <option name="disable_s3tc" value="false" />
            <option name="def_max_anisotropy" value="1.0" />
            <option name="command_buffer_size" value="8" />
            <option name="round_mode" value="0" />
            <option name="dither_mode" value="0" />
            <option name="disable_lowimpact_fallback" value="true" />
            <option name="texture_image_units" value="5" />
            <option name="no_neg_lod_bias" value="false" />
            <option name="color_reduction" value="1" />
            <option name="vblank_mode" value="1" />

Got an X800 (R423).

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