OpenOffice on Gutsy?

Richard A. Johnson nixternal at
Mon Aug 13 21:25:21 UTC 2007

On Monday 13 August 2007, Mark Fraser wrote:
| From the Kubuntu Tribe 4 Wiki
|  Besides the new release, Kubuntu also receives a new splash screen for
| that is, well blue! And to kick it up a notch, the splash
| screen is the only thing that works with at the moment. Yes,
| you heard right. is currently broken in Kubuntu for the time
| being and it isn't an bug either. This same bug is also
| causing problems with other parts of the operating system and should be
| fixed shortly. So without further ado, and seeing as we try to include
| screenshots of the applications running, enjoy the new splash screen in the
| following image. The current workaround is to install

HAHA! I thought that was good when I created the Tribe 4 page. Most people got 
a kick out of it :)

Anyways, yet is broken as well as the nspluginwrapper. These 
are both broken for the same reason and it has been traced back to either 
libgtk or libglib, not 100% positive. Rest assured, as I had asked not even 
30 minutes ago on IRC when we are going to get it fixed. People are still 
looking into and working on getting it fixed correctly. There was a hack 
going around the supposedly fixed it, but it hadn't. I heard someone rebuilt 
the packages with either the latest libgtk (I tried this and it didn't work 
for me) or libglib (I didn't try this one yet).

We apologize for this annoyance and hopefully will have it fixed soon.

Richard A. Johnson
nixternal at
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